Everyone feels better when they create! I do.

Deconstructing the NEW Tangle

1. Start with the tangle, CYME. It can work with any number of points.Remember to turn the tile as you go (very important).
2. Close in the point and draw a second line top to bottom.
3-6. Close in each point. You will be forming a cross by doing the next line UNDER (Hollibaugh). Repeat for each point. Rotate the tile at each point.

REPEAT ALL, inside. Is that a backwards aura?

I vote for the name, Cheeky. The tangle is a combination of Cyme and Hibred. I was going to call it Zen-bred or Well-bred, but that sounds too snooty.
I wanted something fun, and what’s more fun then Cheeky?

My husband thinks the tangle should be named Roundabout. They seem hard to handle but are pretty useful.

In my samples, I used those wonderful Sakura metallic and clear star Gelly Roll pens.

In my first sample, I made a mistake. I decided to continue and I like it. Who needs symmetry? Not me.